Tab Terminations

RF Techniques is a leading designer and manufacturer specializing in high temperature brazed High Power Resistors, High Power Attenuators and High Power Terminations for the high reliable Microwaves and RF applications. RFT's high reliability brazed products are consistently utilized in the most demanding environments in many military and commercial programs, successfully meeting the most stringent performance standards every time.



Parts Pdf Power(Watts) Resistance(Ohms) Frequency Substrate Resistive Element Construction RoHs Compliant Power deration
S3VV30Axxx 30 50 6 AlN Thin Film Lead free solder RoHS 180
S3N040Axxx 40 50 4 AlN Thin Film Lead free solder RoHS 180
S3P200Axxx 200 50 2 AlN Thin Film Lead free solder RoHS 180


Standard values for the package is shown. Please contact our office for other resistor values. Typical resistance tolerance is 1%-5%. Add -1 (1%)or -2(2%) at the end of the part number,if a specific tolerance is required. Fully RoHS compliant parts are identified with symbol. All other parts are compliant with the exemption.