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RF Techniques is a leading designer and manufacturer specializing in high temperature brazed High Power Resistors, High Power Attenuators and High Power Terminations for the high reliable Microwaves and RF applications. RFT's high reliability brazed products are consistently utilized in the most demanding environments in many military and commercial programs, successfully meeting the most stringent performance standards every time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the use of beryllium oxide or materials containing beryllium banned or restricted?

The use of beryllium oxide and beryllium-containing materials is not banned, restricted or otherwise limited by any country worldwide. The only metal and metal compounds banned by these directives are lead, mercury, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium. For more information.....

Can I get chronic beryllium disease (CBD) from skin contact with beryllium or beryllium-containing materials?

No. Handling beryllium and beryllium-containing materials in solid form cannot cause CBD and poses no special health risk. CBD requires an inhalation exposure to particulate containing beryllium. RF Techniques makes the components by dry pressing the BeO substrates to the exact size needed instead of the scribe & snap process typically used by other suppliers. By doing the dry press process to the size, RFT eliminates the possibility of loose particles from dicing, scribing or snapping of the BeO substrate. The cost of manufacturing using the dry press substrate is higher, but it is the safest way to use BeO.

BeO Material Declaration BeO Handling BeO disposal

Do you have any mounting instructions for these parts?.

Yes, you can download the mounting guidelines here.

Do you have a quality assurance system in place?

A quality management system in place that compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. Download ISO certificate.

How do we order the part?

Please contact us to order the part. Ordering information can be downloaded here.

Are the parts RoHS compliant or DRC Conflict Free?

All of the brazed parts are RoHs compliant and the soldered parts are compliant with the exception.

Download Conflict Minerals statement.Cick here...

Download RoHS statement.

RF Techniques do not directly purchase conflict minerals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo or its surrounding countries. Upon completing a due diligence with our suppliers, RF Techniques has verified that the material used in the manufacturing of our products is not procured as Conflict Minerals. Download a copy of the RoHS statement here.All of the brazed parts are RoHs compliant and the soldered parts are compliant with the exception. Download a copy of the RoHS statement here.