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RF Techniques is a leading designer and manufacturer specializing in high temperature brazed High Power Resistors, High Power Attenuators and High Power Terminations for the high reliable Microwaves and RF applications. RFT's high reliability brazed products are consistently utilized in the most demanding environments in many military and commercial programs, successfully meeting the most stringent performance standards every time.



RF Techniques utilizes a high temperature brazing process that yields the lowest possible thermal resistance at higher temperature device operation. This proprietary processing also ensures higher reliability and longer performance life. The high temperature fluxless brazing process eliminates the concerns of lead separation during soldering operations and provides a joint without corrosive flux residue. These resistor products will withstand substantial forces applied to the lead due to different rates of contraction and expansion of the lead during temperature variations.

Top Supplier of the Brazed Resistor Products for the Microwave Industry

  • flanged resistor

    Flanged Resistors

    RFT line of RF resistors include surface mount chips, tab & cover chips, and flange mounted. These resistors are available in high temperature brazed and soldered construction with Alumina, ALN, and BeO substrate materials. Devices are available in a wide range of resistance values.


  • flanged termination load

    Flanged Terminations

    RFT offer a full line of high power RF terminations in a variety of package styles including flange mounted, tab & cover attached, pill and surface mount. Products are offered in high temperature brazed and low cost soldered construction with Alumina, Beryllium Oxide or Aluminum Nitride substrates.


  • alumina attenuator

    Chip Attenuators

    Our fixed attenuators are available up to 500 watts covering DC to 8 GHz applications and offered in 0 to 30 dB values. Several package styles including chip, tab & cover, flange mounted for use in both low and high power applications are available in brazed and low cost soldered versions.


  • Pill type resistor

    Custom Pill Resistor

    RFT's technical staff has extensive experience in the design of high power RF/microwave amplifiers, combiners and other components for cellular & military applications. This gives RF Techniques a unique capability to meet customers standards and custom component requirements.


Advantages Of Brazed Products

  • Higher Operating Temperature, Higher Reliability, Better Tolerance, Lower Rejects
  • Brazing is done over 800 degree C
  • Power deration is up to 250 degree C.
  • Leads are capable of up to 5 lbs. of pull test and bend test.
  • Brazing provides higher power handling & lowest thermal resistance.
  • Higher temperature processing also ensures greater reliability and overall performance during thermal cycling.
  • Brazed devices are capable of withstanding much higher temperature for short period of time without damage.
  • This high temperature capability provides the user with improved system reliability and a wider margin of performance under abnormal operating conditions.
  • Brazed device will withstand substantial forces applied to the lead due to different rates of contraction and expansion of the lead during temperature variations.
  • With brazed construction, the customer need not have to worry about leads coming off during soldering operations.